The Momotaro Story

Once upon a time in old Japan there lived a woman and a man. They lived ‘neath the shadow of mountain high where cloudy wisps would pass them by. The village home could just be seen between the mountains and the streams. The oft times walked, hand in hand, oh how they loved their wooded land, their love was so strong for all to see, their held hands so tight show their unity.

Despite their love, no child had they but wiser gods would have their say from on high and down rumbling river a peach came forth to be the giver. The woman found the peach complete and took it home for them to eat.

Such size of peach was never known tho’ man’s knife would slice it to its stone, Oh heavenly gods what happened then the stone fell out and there a gem, the gem it moved and changed its form and lo a child, a boy was born. Momotaro’s the name they chose for the child ‘The Peach Seed Boy’ good looking and mild the boy then grew strong and broad and tall and gave such pleasure to them all.

The village life was simple and serene save only for Oni – mischievous beings, Oni jeered and scorned and lived only for theft the village folk had become quite bereft Momo child was by now a handsome young man and decided to do what e’re he can a journey he took to seek out the foe where it would take him, he did not know his Mum, she gave him some magic bread so she knew that he would be fed.

He soon met some friends on this journey he took, he told them of Oni, they shook and they shook! A monkey, was whom he met first as he walked then a pheasant and dog, they talked and they talked they shared all the bread, it lasted them long and most important, it made them quite strong then one day they spied the Oni Island fort and knew that a battle would soon be sought.

The war game was set, the battle day all squeamish folk should look away those Oni spirits, well, they’re not so brave they think only of themselves to save Momo and friends didn’t have long to go before they watched the retreating foe.

Their victory was certain, they’d won the fighting and walked triumphant through dragons light’ning the good were triumphant on this battle day, the evil Oni had fled away, the Oni departed and some changed their ways. Their Island home now sees better days, the Oni no longer seek and pine for trouble with mischievous minds. Just one or two could not repair their evil ways – they’re lost for e’er.

Momo went home with treasures that were stolen the Oni spirits were forlorn and quite broken. The Companions are now all relieved at winning, the Villagers rejoice, a new beginning. The friends like piped pipers danced and sand such happiness arrived in this land. Their world since then and from this day on lives in peace with birds in song.