Sculpture Matrix

Sculpture Matrix

Sculpture Matrix is an experiment in the contradiction between nature and humans. It is intended to provide a canvas on which individuals can explore the relationship between the human mind and landscape. It demonstrates the tendency of humans to categorise and compartmentalise to aid appreciation. It is a multi faceted space where mans desire for control and fear of the unclassified results in imposing a grid of uniformity on nature, who’s own energy and boisterous freedom shows scant regard for such intellectualism. Above all, the garden is a celebration of the intrinsic beauty of the individual natural components.


Chris Beardshaw

Chris has become well known over recent years following the success of his television career on programmes such as The Flying Gardener, Hidden Gardens, and Gardeners’ World. He is also a lecturer in Horticulture, author, and landscape architect.

Stephen Woodhams

“It’s all a far cry from my days as a four year old sowing a few seeds for my mum and marvelling at their growth. The audience has changed but the excitement and enjoyment for me remains constant.”